Your ears don't lie

There is a rumor that incredible sound quality requires the use of expensive parts. Only traditional big brands can make really good sound quality.

Don't believe the ads and don't spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of headphones. You can always trust your ears and they will tell you what a good sound is like. All you need to do is try AIHOOR.

A team of acoustic engineers behind big brands

At AIHOOR, we have acoustic experts with over 30 years of experience in the audio industry. Hardware designers who have won IF and red dot awards for many times. Before the establishment of AIHOOR, we designed and manufactured many best-selling products for many international brands.

  • We, AIHOOR, believe music belongs to everyone. In 2019, a small group of audio engineers, designers and music enthusiasts jointly formed AIHOOR. From that day on, audio is about to be redefined.

    Our products are designed with the aim of removing all fancy designs and preserving pure good sound. We ensure that our products can provide high-quality sound comparable to big brands, and at the same time provide our customers with affordable prices.

  • Incubation within Ausounds group

    Ausounds Group is a professional audio design and manufacturing company. A number of audio brands have been incubated internally, and services such as product mold making and mass production are provided for multiple brands including AIHOOR. Provide quality assurance and supply chain assurance for products.

  • Confidentiality of customer information

    We will never disclose any information of our customers, including address, phone number, email and other information. All information is encrypted and none of our employees can access customer data without the customer's authorization.

  • Local warehouse & rapid delivery

    We have established local warehouses in the US, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. Generally, your order will be processed the same day and delivered within 3 business days (except in remote areas).

  • Full refund if not satisfied

    In addition to the general 30-day full refund service, we provide an additional 365-day free return and exchange service. Within one year after purchasing the product, if there is any product defective, we will always provide you with a replacement.