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AIHOOR - GT100 Smart Phone Cooler Radiator Fan for Gaming

AIHOOR - GT100 Smart Phone Cooler Radiator Fan for Gaming

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How to Use:

1. Connect the radiator to the USB power cable.
2. Turn on the phone radiator.
3. Clip the radiator to the back of your phone (remove any phone case).
4. Cool!

What's in the box:

1. Phone Cooler
2. 1.5m / 5ft USB Charging Cable
3. User Manual

Quiet Cooling Fans

The running noise of GT100 radiator is as low as 25.3dB (Equivalent to the volume of a whisper). You can hardly feel its noise when you use it.

Rapid Cooling

GT-100 uses oxygen-free copper as the heat-conducting material, which is durable and resistant to oxidation, and has stronger heat dissipation performance.

Mobile Phone Mount

GT100 radiator can also be used as a mobile phone mount on the table when you are watching a movie.

Protect Your Phone

The serrations on the clip are made of silicone, and the heat sink is covered with a layer of soft silicone, which can prevent sliding and will not scratch the surface of your phone

Semiconductor Refrigeration

There are two semiconductor cooling chips in the radiator. When you plug it in, the semiconductor cooling chip will quickly cool down and dissipate heat.

Lightweight and Slim

Compared with other similar products, the width of GT-100 is only 4cm and weight 64g, so you won’t feel get in the way even if you use a small phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It uses AC power and can be used with most mobile phone charging adapters or computer USB ports.

NO, please remove your phone case before using it.

Yes, GT-100 phone cooler is compatible with all 4.5-7 inches mobile phones, including Samsung S9 and iPhone 12 max.

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